Paxar Corporation (NYSE: PXR) announced today the completion of its first major D2Comm (Data Distribution and Communications) software installation involving over 50 sites in eight countries. This installation is for a major US apparel manufacturer. D2Comm is a web-enabled data management software solution that provides retailers and manufacturers with the capability to centrally manage the database for printing price tickets and care labels. This global solution facilitates quick response, ensures data integrity, allows for automated data entry and precludes the need for extensive on-site training.Victor Hershaft, president of Paxar's Apparel Identification business,said: "The development of D2Comm typifies Paxar's commitment to innovative solutions designed to enhance the value we deliver to our customers. Data management is a critical adjunct to the physical products that we have traditionally supplied. We see ourselves as solutions providers whether the problem is global control of data, quality control of label aesthetics or counterfeit and theft deterrence."Paxar currently has D2Comm installations in process for a number of its larger customers.