Australian athleisure brand PE Nation has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help improve efficiencies by streamlining design, development and production.

PE Nation was established in Sydney in 2016. Since its launch, the brand's range of street-meets-sportswear has expanded to include technical activewear, retro-inspired streetwear, functional snow gear, footwear, and accessories.

Its rapid growth put pressure on the design, development and production teams, with PE Nation concluding that PLM was the best way to ensure data integrity. It has selected Centric Software's PLM solution.

"Centric will give us a single source of the truth," explains Mark Rogers, operations manager at PE Nation. "We will be able to create templates to save time and reduce mistakes, track supplier communication, better manage material usage, get away from complex spreadsheets, enable designers to work in Adobe Illustrator while connected to Centric and more."

Implementing Centric during the Covid-19 pandemic highlights its advantages, says Rogers.

"While we are unable to visit overseas vendors, Centric's supplier portal will give vendors real-time updates, reducing emails, and consolidating information in one centralised location.

"We're expecting to eliminate manual data storage and retrieval across multiple platforms. Our goal with Centric PLM is to streamline design, development, and production, improve team collaboration, automate costing, scale processes more easily to ultimately speed time to market."