High-end casual apparel firm People's Liberation has reported improved third quarter profit, driven by better brand performance and the introduction of new sales channels.

Net income totalled about US$132,800 in the third quarter compared to a net loss of about $411,000 in the second quarter of 2006.

Net sales, meanwhile, jumped 52.5% to $5.1m from net sales of $3.3m in the quarter before.

"We are delighted with our exceptional growth in the third quarter of 2006. This is the first quarter the company has reported net income on a consolidated basis since we became a public reporting entity after the completion of our reverse merger transaction in November 2005," said Mr Guez, chairman and CEO.

"Our performance confirms the growing market awareness of our brands and the success of our strategic initiatives, including the expansion of our distribution channels for both brands and the increased awareness of our non-denim product categories.

"Retail placement at department stores and boutiques continues to increase and we are expanding our international distribution."

The company has recently launched new e-commerce websites, which Guez hopes will "attract new customers and increase existing loyalty to our brands."