Dance and gymnastics wear maker The Perform Group has turned to FastReact to help reduce material stock-outs and cut lead times.

The company, which manufactures products through its own plant and through domestic and international sub-contractors, ships over one million garments per year. Its worldwide customer base includes dance schools, performing arts academies and universities, and well as gymnastics schools and competition teams.

However, the seasonal nature of the dancewear business puts pressure on Perform Group to carefully manage its production flow to meet customer demands.

Using spreadsheets did not give an adequate level of visibility, leading to excessive material inventory levels through slow production times, and low material inventory during busiest production times. Poor work centre loading also created bottlenecks and caused a series of late deliveries.

Integrating a planning solution from FastReact Systems has helped provide complete visibility and control over the supply chain processes.

"Material inventory levels used to fluctuate wildly, with little correlation to our production plan," explains Perform Group CEO John Misner.

Now, "effective master planning synchronises our entire supply chain. This allows us to reduce our raw material investment by 10-15% in our off-peak season, while at the same time we have decreased our quantity of RM stockouts."

FastReact's plant-loading capability has also helped the dancewear firm improve its plant productivity and on-time shipping performance.

"Our performance is so good that we are starting a new guaranteed on-time or its free shipping program," Misner adds.