The Supreme International division of Perry Ellis International, Inc (NASDAQ:PERY) announced today that is has acquired the Pro-Player intellectual property from Fruit of the Loom which includes the following trademarks: Pro-Player, Artex, Fun Gear and Salem Sportswear.

Oscar Feldenkreis, President and COO, stated: "Pro-Player has a great history and is a well-known brand in the sports apparel business with distribution in department stores and middle market retailers. The brand has been a leader in the outerwear category and has wide cross-generational appeal among sports enthusiasts. With Pro Player we will target the active sports apparel segment continuing our strategy of targeting specific markets and segments with powerful brands".

Pro-Player has been the licensee of all the major US Sports Associations such as the National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball, as well as numerous colleges and universities. The Pro Player Stadium in Miami is currently home to the Miami Dolphins and the Florida Marlins. "We intend to preserve and enhance the appeal of Pro Player with product that is timely and consistent with its sports identity", said Allan Zwerner, president of licensing "to that effect we are in the process of finalizing our licensing strategy for the brand, partnering with leaders in each category of product with the objective of creating a complete Pro Player lifestyle".

Perry Ellis International is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ:PERY) which designs, imports, markets, and licenses men's, women's and children's products at all levels of distribution in the US and more than 26 countries worldwide. Its Perry Ellis division markets 42 different categories of product under the Perry Ellis, Perry Ellis Portfolio and Perry Ellis America Trademarks. Its Supreme International division, distributes and licenses more than 30 other trademarks both domestically and internationally including Crossings®, Natural Issue, Grand Slam, Penguin Sport, Munsingwear, John Henry, Manhattan, Career Club, Andrew Fezza, Ping, and PNB Nation among others.

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