Despite the challenge of the current economic climate, Perry Ellis International Inc is convinced that continuing investments in technology are critical to its ongoing strategy of upgrading and improving its ability to service the needs of customers.

In support of this, the fashion company has selected the Essentus Vision suite from Essentus International Inc to enhance productivity and profitability of its global sourcing and fulfilment operations.

George Feldenkreis, chairman and chief executive officer of Perry Ellis International Inc said: "Improved information flow is essential in our global economy. We believe our partnership with Essentus brings that capability to us and will help enable Perry Ellis to accelerate our revenue growth and provide significant returns for our shareholders."

Perry Ellis will be implementing the Essentus Vision Suite, including Vision Sourcing and Vision Demand Management for its entire global operations. Vision's four dimensional product matrix delivers the style/colour/size functionality required to help Perry Ellis improve customer fulfilment rates and reduce carrying costs by optimising inventory levels and minimising stock-outs and capacity bottlenecks which slow time to market.

"Naturally, we are thrilled to have the Perry Ellis Group as a partner using Vision as the core business system for its global operations. We believe that Perry Ellis is demonstrating market leadership by investing in an IT solution in these uncertain market conditions as a means of positioning itself for a market turnaround," said Hank Firey, president and CEO of Essentus.