Peta highlights “abusive shearing practices” in its new campaign

Peta highlights “abusive shearing practices” in its new campaign

Animal rights group PETA has launched a campaign aimed at discouraging shoppers from choosing wool by highlighting what it says is widespread "animal abuse" undertaken to retrieve the fibre for clothing, amongst other items. 

Bringing on board celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix and Alicia Silverstone to front the campaign, Peta aims to highlight "abusive shearing practices" where it alleges sheep are punched, jabbed with electric clippers and stomped on. 

The animal rights group is urging consumers to opt for "cruelty-free alternatives" to wool, such as clothing made from vegan materials, including 'future-wool', which is produced from recycled cotton and recycled polyester blends.

Adverts for the campaign include a poster featuring Silverstone naked holding a sheep mask alongside the caption: 'I'd rather go naked than wear wool.' Phoenix features in another wearing a vegan wool suit surrounded by sheep with the caption: 'Cruelty doesn't suit me. Please leave wool out of your wardrobe.'

Yesterday (14 December), three scantily clad PETA supporters in Boston, bodypainted to look bruised and bloodied, brandish a "dead lamb" and signs proclaiming: 'The Naked Truth: Wool Hurts.'

"PETA is calling on holiday shoppers to give sheep some peace on Earth this year by keeping wool apparel off their lists," says PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman.