John Lewis has placed a ban on angora in its future collections

John Lewis has placed a ban on angora in its future collections

Animal rights group PETA has welcomed the decision by UK department store retailer John Lewis to implement a permanent ban on angora wool in its future collections.

John Lewis joined a number of other retail groups this morning (17 January) in placing a ban on angora in its future collections, in addition to a ban on the sale of third-party brands containing angora across it stores.

In a statement, the retailer said: "As a responsible retailer, John Lewis is committed to ensuring high standards of animal welfare in all stages of the supply chain and we require our suppliers to do likewise. While we found no evidence of unacceptable animal welfare practices, nevertheless we have decided to no longer include angora in future John Lewis own brand or branded products."

PETA welcomed the decision, saying it was "another victory for angora rabbits".

"[John Lewis'] compassionate decision comes after PETA released video footage of rabbits screaming as their fur is ripped from their bodies by farmers in China - where 90% of the world's angora wool comes from.

"Several companies have also suspended production of angora products but have yet to introduce the permanent bans that consumers are demanding, so PETA will continue to encourage them to do so."

Retailers have come up against mounting pressure to completely ban the use of angora in their products after an investigation by animal rights group PETA exposed "shocking" conditions in the industry.

New Look, PVH Corp, Asos, Ted Baker, M&S and H&M are among the retailers that have banned angora in their products, while Primark has opted to halt production of angora products while investigations are underway.