Animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is again calling for retailers and consumers to boycott wool products after its latest investigation exposed the "gruesome mutilation" and abuse of sheep in the wool industry, across three continents. 

The new video exposé reveals workers on a large sheep farm in Australia cut flesh off sheep's backsides with shears and throw and kick the animals. In the past 16 months, PETA said it has released five exposés recorded at 37 facilities on three continents, revealing that sheep are often "mutilated, abused and skinned alive" – even for "responsibly sourced" wool on "so-called sustainable farms."

PETA says shearers are often paid by volume, not the hour, which encourages "fast, violent work" that can lead to gaping wounds on sheep's bodies, which workers stitch closed – without giving the animals any painkillers.

The animal rights group said it will lead #WoolFreeWinter demonstrations in Los Angeles, New York City and other cities across the US on the country's biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. 

"'Bloody, sheared sheep' will drive home to shoppers the point that wool belongs on its original owner," PETA said. 

In August, outdoor wear specialist Patagonia cut ties with one of its wool suppliers in Argentina after an investigation exposed "extreme cruelty" towards lambs and sheep at the Ovis 21 farm network.