Canada Goose could have an animal rights group as its new shareholder when the company goes public, with PETA announcing plans this week to buy a stake in the outdoor apparel specialist.

The outdoor apparel specialist announced plans last month to take the company public, with dual listings planned for both New York and Canada. The IPO is expected to raise as much as US$300m.

However, in a statement this week, animal rights group PETA says it will be among the company's first shareholders.

"When the clothing retailer offers up shares of common stock as part of an IPO this week, PETA will be snapping up shares and bringing the fight for animals straight to the boardroom," it said.

"The shares purchased will be the minimum amount required to give PETA the right to attend and speak at annual meetings, and to submit shareholder resolutions asking for the company to stop using coyote fur trim and down in its jackets."

PETA has been vocal about the processes Canada Goose uses to produce its apparel. Last year, more than 50 PETA supporters attended the opening of Canada Goose's New York City flagship store to protest the company's "cruelly produced coats".

Shortly after, 25 supporters attended the opening of Canada Goose's first-ever brick-and-mortar store in Toronto.

Shareholder activism is a tactic PETA has employed in the past as a way to make its case at companies including Hermès, Lululemon, Prada, and LVMH.