Taking Shape has opened 11 stores in the UK

Taking Shape has opened 11 stores in the UK

Australian plus-size fashion retailer Taking Shape has opened its first stores in the UK, where it hopes to cash in on Britain’s increasing demand for larger clothes.

The company sells clothes for women in sizes 14 to 26 and will enter a UK market forecast to reach GBP6.26bn (US$10.12bn) this year - up from GBP5.88bn last year.

The first stores have opened in Horsham, Kingston, Newbury, Solihull, Worcester, Taunton, Southport, Leicester, Leamington Spa, Liverpool and Newcastle, with additional shops expected to open before Christmas.

The brand, which operates more than 130 stores in Australia and New Zealand, has also unveiled a new e-commerce website for the market. 

A spokesperson for Taking Shape said it has "seen a huge gap in the market" in the UK.