An ingenious new pocket-sized thread consumption calculation tool has been launched by Donisthorpe & Company Ltd.

Developed for use by sewing professionals such as designers, technologists, machine mechanics and sewing room supervisors, the 'SEAMS Pocket Computer' will enable them to calculate, at a glance, the amount of thread needed to perform a complete sewing operation.

Based on the industry's most popular stitch types, the new tool is aimed at facilitating easy, more accurate thread costing, ordering and allocation whilst reducing thread waste.

The SEAMS Pocket Computer was conceived and developed by Donisthorpe's technical team in close collaboration with several customers. Measuring just 19 x 7.5cms it slips easily into a pocket and is based on the company's computerised thread consumption, calculation and costing solution SEAMS.

The manual pocket version will enable users to perform spontaneous thread consumption calculations anywhere at any time - including in the sewing room where so many 'instant' thread decisions are made.

The device gives consumption in centimetres of thread based on 100 cms of seam length and for two plies medium weight fabric. It can be used for the five most commonly used stitch types: 301 lockstitch, 401 chainstitch, 406 coverseam with 5mm bight, 504 overedge with 5mm bight, and 514 overedge with 6mm bight.

Against these stitch types it calculates the length of thread required for each needle, bobbin or looper forming the stitch. It also advises on the amount of thread to allow for run on/off for each seam and gives the adjustments to be made depending on whether the user is operating in a single-line long run or a multi-line short run configuration.

The SEAMS Pocket Computer is available free of charge to all Donisthorpe customers.