Fabric maker Polartec is bringing back its flagship PolarFleece brand, and launching a top-of-the-mountain apparel brand developed in collaboration with world-class alpine climbers and guides.

The return of PolarFleece, which was invented in 1981, "is an opportunity for us to bring consumers a customised full garment that is 100% made in America," according to Polartec CEO Gary Smith, who adds the fabric set the premium standard for lightweight warmth and comfort.

The relaunch at this week's Outdoor Retailer Winter Show in Salt Lake City begins with the PolarFleece Pullover, a combination of Polartec Classic 200 Series Fleece and easy-moving Polartec Power Stretch with durable Polartec Hardface reinforcement in the collar, pocket, waist and cuffs. Each garment is customisable, 100% recycled, and made in the USA.

The company will also use the event to unveil its new MtnLogic range, which has been developed in collaboration with world-class alpine climbers and guides, from Polartec fabric technologies.

Traditionally, the development of technical gear is driven by merchant demand, price, trends, and subject to superficial testing. MtnLogic starts with an actual need, Polartec says, with "an intimate understanding of how gear needs to function in the field driving the design process." Commercial considerations are secondary.

As a textile solutions provider and development partner, Polartec worked with Peter Whittaker and the guides at RMI Expeditions to develop the full range of alpine workwear.

"Typically, the process starts with a merchant-driven approach," Whittaker explains. "Our process begins with 'What do we need? How do we solve the problems that we encounter up high?' We weren't worried about spreadsheets or trends. We set out to build the best gear possible for our needs. For mountain guides. For climbers."

The MtnLogic collection contains 19 styles developed by over 60 RMI guides during a 12-month development timeline testing over 7,000 pieces of apparel through over 1.2m vertical feet of climbing. It will be available to consumers from April.