Ralph Lauren Media announced today the launch of Polo.com( http://www.polo.com/ ), the first luxury, designer, e-commerce destination website. Polo.com offers online access to the classic, American Ralph Lauren lifestyle with clothing, accessories, fragrances, vintage items, travel, style tips, stories, and opt-in video entertainment. Ralph Lauren Media was formed in February 2000 to develop Polo-branded media properties that promise to break new ground on the Internet, in book publishing, television production and feature films. The Polo.com website will go live this weekend."Bringing the Polo sensibility to the Internet is the next logical step in our evolution," said Ralph Lauren. "We were the first to create multi-page ads that tell a story. We were the first to create stores that enable customers to interact with that lifestyle. Now we're creating another first - www.polo.com - a website that allows people to more fully interact and participate in the world we've created.""The timing couldn't be better for Polo.com," said Jeff Morgan, president & CEO of Ralph Lauren Media. "The web has matured enough to allow us the opportunity to deliver the richness and beauty that people expect from Polo. The fact that so many people have an affinity for Polo has meant that we've been able to take the time to develop a website that's accessible, easy to navigate and shop, seamlessly integrated with the rest of Polo and very innovative."Polo.com will feature an extensive array of Polo-branded products from Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport, Polo Golf, RLX and Polo Jeans for men; Ralph Lauren Black Label, Polo Sport, Polo Golf, RLX and Polo Jeans for women; and a broad selection of items for children, as well as special gifts for the holiday season. For launch Polo.com will be selling Polo-branded products exclusively in the United States.