The United States Polo Association and apparel company Jordache Limited have been granted the right to use horse logos on their goods after a court case concluded they do not infringe on the trademark of luxury goods company Polo Ralph Lauren.

The New York Federal Court jury ruled that one of four logos being contested infringed on Ralph Lauren's trademark rights, but that the other three could continue to be used.

USPA and Jordache intend to launch a major advertising and marketing campaign using the logos that have been awarded to them following the lawsuit, which was filed by Ralph Lauren back in 2000.

USPA properties president David Cummings said: "Since 1984, the US Polo Association has been trying to co-exist with Polo Ralph Lauren, but it appears that they wanted nothing more than a monopoly on the sport.

"We believe that our victory will create enormous opportunities in the retail market place for Jordache's division of the USPA."

USPA has been the governing body for the sport of polo since 1890.