Over 800 Chinese polyester staple fibre manufacturers have pleaded with the country's government to take up EU anti-dumping legislation with the World Trade Organisation.

The China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Textiles has taken up the issue with the Ministry of Commerce in response to the EU's implementation of five-year tariffs of up to 49.7 per cent on PSF from China.

The Ministry is currently considering the issue before it makes a decision on whether or not to take the case to the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body.

If the petition goes ahead, it will be the first independently filed by the country to the WTO.

The EU's commission announced two anti-dumping rulings last week, after mounting pressure from European countries to prevent a wave of cheap exports from China now that the WTO's textile export quotas have ended.

Chinese companies oppose the tariffs because they believe the EU took a cartel price to work out the normal value.