Popbuy.com gives consumers a new and easier way to shop online. The PopBuy.com portal is a free service and currently features 30 main shopping departments/channels and over 100 sub-channels to quickly connect online shoppers with their favorite brick-and-mortar retail stores, brands, catalogs and popular online destinations.The launch announcement was made by company officials attending the COMDEX/FALL 2000 event in Las Vegas last week. The directory was specifically designed to drill-down easily and logically to product specific stores, items and online shopping resources. When a store is selected from a drop down menu, a separate window "pops up" and the consumer may shop directly from the requested retail merchant's site. When done, shoppers just close the window and they are still at the PopBuy site.While consumers get a broad, top-of-the-line offering, advertisers get delivery of targeted, channel-specific audio advertising. Spot audio advertising, available on each of the main shopping channels, serves to reinforce the consumer shopping experience. "The overwhelming response from advertisers and ad agencies regarding the audio avails makes me believe we are on the right track," said Rick D'Andrea, chief executive officer of popbuy.com.PopBuy.com is located in Birmingham, Alabama. For additional information, please visit the website at