Chinese sportswear retailer Pou Sheng International Holdings Ltd has invested in its first product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to help support further brand expansion and increase productivity and creativity in design.

The company, one of China's biggest sportswear and casual wear retailers, will implement Centric PLM across all areas of the brand, from product design and development, to merchandising and retail.

"Our relationships with both local and international brands hinge on professionalism," says Thomas Weng, IT general manager at Pou Sheng. "To continue to lead in our market, we need a partner who is also a leader."

Pou Sheng says the immediate benefits of the investment will include the standardisation and optimisation of the research and development processes, increased productivity and creativity in design, and improved collaboration and knowledge-sharing across internal and external teams.

"We believe that rolling out PLM to all of our brands will deliver significant value to our retail and brand licensing businesses and allow our teams to work more closely with their suppliers," adds Weng.

Pou Sheng employs around 20,000 staff and sells international brands including Nike and Adidas through more than 6,000 stores in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The company is Centric's nineteenth customer in the region.