The Powers Manufacturing Company, a privately owned provider of athletic uniforms, is implementing an end-to-end enterprise software solution to help tackle supply chain inefficiencies and support future growth.

The company was reliant on its homegrown system but found it difficult to effectively and efficiently manage as its business continued to grow.

It has selected CGS's BlueCherry Enterprise Suite of solutions, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM) and B2B e-commerce. 

Implementation, it says, will not only help support the firm's current and future business as it expands, but also improve everything from supply chain processes to customer relationship management.

"We know that we're good at designing and selling football uniforms, but designing, creating and maintaining software is not our strong suit," said chief financial officer Brent Parks. "By choosing a low-risk, proven solution that many other apparel brands have successfully implemented, we expect BlueCherry to help streamline our supply chain activities, allowing for further growth."