Luxury label Prada could be in danger of stealing Burberry's crown as the label of choice for Britain's hooligans, if the recent banning of its shoes at Manchester nightclubs is anything to go by.

A string of venues have followed the lead of exclusive party place The Sugar Lounge in banning Prada's 'hi-top' leather trainers, which retail at £149 a pair, after wearers were noted for their bad behaviour.

Sugar Lounge's members, who include Manchester United football players as well as cast members from soap Coronation Street, have all been alerted to the new dress code stipulation.

The developments will sound a worrying note to the label, which is usually known as an upmarket, exclusive style choice.

Design house Burberry has suffered from image problems after its check design become a favourite among football hooligans and troublemakers - in particular 'chavs'; (often loutish) members of the working class who have become the bane of British high streets for their anti-social behaviour.

Their spending may be mostly limited to fake versions, which sell on market stalls up and down the country. However, Burberry has toned down the check in recent collections after the label became synonymous with UK yob culture, denting the company's sales figures.

Prada, which boasts a turnover of more than £20 million in Britain, has set its sights on global sales of £1 billion by 2010.