ThermoPlume delivers insulating loft, wet weather protection and compressibility

ThermoPlume delivers insulating loft, wet weather protection and compressibility

Synthetic insulation manufacturer Primaloft has developed what it claims is the industry's highest-performing blowable synthetic insulation that has the look and feel of natural down. 

PrimaLoft's Insulation ThermoPlume, which will be shown at February's ISPO Show in Munich, features a unique blend of water-resistant PrimaLoft fibres that deliver insulating loft, wet weather protection and compressibility. It mimics the fluidity, feel and aesthetics of goose down in a synthetic fibre. 

It is manufactured with small, silky tufts of fibre plumes that collectively form a loose fill insulation, replicating the "lightweight warmth, softness and compressibility" of natural goose down. Its construction allows it to be blown through traditional down-blowing manufacturing equipment, simplifying the manufacturing process for brands.

The innovation offers an ethical and water resistant synthetic alternative to down, guaranteeing warmth even in wet conditions, delivering thermal properties equivalent to 550 fill power down to market for the first time, Primaloft says. 

"ThermoPlume is not only the highest performing blowable synthetic insulation, but also fills a growing demand for innovation from designers, brands and consumers looking to move away from down and improving the performance," says Jochen Lagemann, managing director for PrimaLoft Europe and Asia. "Providing a blowable, high-performing synthetic that acts as a true replacement for down allows brands to replicate the design aesthetic and the manufacturing process of a down garment. This helps to simplify the supply chain, combat the volatility of down prices and provides piece of mind when it comes to the ethical sourcing of materials."

Global brands including Geox, Ferrino and Montane are among the first to adopt the technology for the autumn/winter 2017 season.