The organisers of Prime Source Forum are expanding the flagship discussion platform with a new satellite event set to make its debut in Jakarta, Indonesia early next year.

'Prime Source Forum (PSF) - Focus on ASEAN' is set to take place on 30 January 2013, and will look at the region's economies and the sourcing activities of its textile and apparel industries.

The event will also feature development forecasts on the fashion industry, and look at how countries in the region are working to establish an effective supply chain alliance. It is being supported by both the Indonesia Textile Association (API) and the ASEAN Federation of Textile Industries (AFTEX).

The ASEAN textile and apparel industry already boasts robust exports of apparel to major markets, and has been proactively integrating the upstream to downstream elements of the supply chain to create a more vertical sourcing platform.

"Global brands and retailers are certainly seeking more competitive arrangements with their vendors in ASEAN and the local industry is attempting to respond," explains Michael Blakeley, director of the VALUE Project which is funded by the US government and supports integration of key ASEAN industries.

"Existing trade arrangements with growing markets like China create additional competitive reasons to produce apparel in ASEAN.

"Trade preferences with the EU have allowed industries in Cambodia and Laos to grow and increase capabilities. Future trade preferences currently being discussed or negotiated could also lead to interesting opportunities for apparel produced in ASEAN."

Blakeley adds: "Once the ASEAN Economic Community comes into effect in 2015 and ASEAN operates as a single production base, the region will surely be more efficient and cost effective with dramatic improvements in trade facilitation."

Michael Duck, executive vice president of organiser UBM Asia Ltd and director of APLF Ltd, notes: "Promoting the region's textile and apparel industries to international brands and retailers can definitely strengthen the importance of these manufacturing sectors to the development of the ASEAN economies."

Prime Source Forum (PSF) has been held annually in Hong Kong for the past seven years, and launched its first satellite event in Delhi held last September.