Former workers at a plant that made underwear for Triumph International in Thailand have halted protests in Bangkok, eight months after they began.

Hundreds of disgruntled former employees at Body Fashion Thailand (BFT) had camped out in the courtyard of the Thai Ministry of Labour.

Triumph downsized its operations in Thailand in August of last year, leading to 1,930 job losses at its BFT subsidiary.

The job losses led to protests in the country, as workers unions sought a better package for its workers being made redundant.

The company said full severance has been paid to all former BFT workers, and won a ruling in the Thai Labour Court on 17 December 2009 for the the legality of the packages offered.

"To the knowledge of Body Fashion (Thailand), Bangkok (BFT), the protestors in the courtyard of the Thai Ministry of Labour that were composed mainly of former BFT employees have ended their protest after having reached an agreement with the Ministry of Labour," Triumph said in a statement emailed to just-style.

Furthermore, many of the displaced workers have now started up their own undergarment business under the brand name Try Arm, according to Thai newspaper The Bangkok Post.