Software firm PTC is giving its Thingworx Studio Augmented Reality technology a fresh update to help improve time to revenue as well as reduce costs and complexity for its users.

The technology will be updated with Vuforia 7 software, which brings major advancements in the ability to attach digital content to everyday objects and surfaces, as well as support for Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore.

ThingWorx Studio is a rapid AR (augmented reality) authoring environment that enables stakeholders to quickly create and share scalable augmented reality experiences without writing any code.

It will also make use of Vuforia Ground Plane, a new capability for placing content on the ground, floor or tabletop. Because Ground Plane leverages ARKit and ARCore through a technology known as Vuforia Fusion, ThingWorx Studio will enable users to create "robust and reliable" augmented reality experiences across a broader range of industrial environments. 

Vuforia is a software platform for augmented reality applications, and provides a cross-platform solution for developers, attaching digital content to physical objects and environments.

For consumers and businesses, it provides a communications solution for remote assistance and collaboration, while for device makers, it delivers critical technology blocks that provide optimised experiences on rapidly evolving hardware technologies.

Model Targets, available in the upcoming Vuforia 7 release and supported by ThingWorx Studio, will enable the recognition and tracking of objects based on shape from pre-existing 3D models, and will not require a marker. This "high-fidelity object recognition" provides more accurate positioning so 3D content can be aligned with greater precision for use cases where step-by-step instructions and product data are overlaid onto the physical product.

"PTC is committed to fuelling the proliferation of augmented reality applications into the mainstream, and our support for frameworks such as ARKit and ARCore demonstrates this commitment," says Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC.

"With an ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of AR developers, we believe PTC is well-positioned to be a catalyst for the development of content needed to leverage ARKit and ARCore, especially for the industrial market."

Earlier this month PTC also said it was expanding its Vuforia platform to attach digital content to more types of objects and environments, enabling a new class of augmented reality (AR) content that can replace traditional user manuals and technical service instructions.

PTC expands Vuforia platform with digital content boost