Frisby Technologies Inc today announced that Puma AG of Herzogenaurach, Germany, will feature COMFORTEMP materials in its new Lateral collection of clothing and shoes.

With Lateral, Puma has successfully merged fashion and performance. Puma has incorporated Ultimate Sports Performance (U.S.P.) technology into the apparel, which brings more improvements to the garments - through extra breathability, moisture wicking, waterproof and thermal regulation for the body. The materials used were selected to provide easy care for the garments - ideal for the target urban lifestyle consumer.

A unique Lateral statement product is the Eclipse Gilet. This vest features an advanced technology liner constructed from Schoeller - COMFORTEMP fabrics from Schoeller Frisby Technologies GmbH of Sevelen, Switzerland, to provide dynamic climate control. Puma is expected to roll out this product later this year.