Purista, the antimicrobial treatment for clothing, has responded to the demands among consumers and manufacturers to develop a freshness treatment for use on synthetic fibres.

Two years of development by scientists at Purista means the treatment can now be applied on to 100% synthetic fibres or onto majority blends that contain a high percentage of polyester or nylon.

Purista has been treating cotton garments since launching in 2001 and working closely with retailers such as Next, George at Asda, Bhs and Tesco to incorporate the freshness enhancing treatment across most categories of socks and also suit linings.

However, with the growth in sports and active wear made from synthetic fibres, demand for complementary freshness enhancing technologies has arisen.

Responding to this challenge Purista has now developed a system that keeps the wearer feeling fresher for longer, during exercise and outdoor activities.

Peter Cowey, international business manager from Purista, comments: "Making clothes stay fresher for longer is a very useful benefit with attractions way beyond socks and suit linings, so extending the range of fabrics we can treat is an important technical breakthrough.

"Purista can be applied direct to the fabric with other finishing treatments, so offers a flexible and cost efficient means of application to most fabrics. The launch of the synthetic treatment will open up the sports apparel market to Purista as we can now treat products such as football shirts, tracksuits, fleece tops and trainer linings."

Purista's synthetic treatment system has also been developed to work alongside performance technologies, such as Coolmax, Anti-static and Lycra, which are more common within synthetic fabrics than cotton.

As well as being compatible with 100% synthetics and performance technologies, this treatment system also integrates easily with existing finishing treatments such as non-iron and easy care finishes.