On the eve of the spring 200l event, the organisers of Premiere Vision have announced new dates for next year's shows. In 2002 the spring PV will run from Wednesday February 20 - the special buyers' preview day - through to Saturday February 23, while the autumn 2002 show also moves forward, from October to September, again operating from Wednesday to Saturday. The scheduled dates are September 18 to 2l.

The change of dates and repositioning to largely midweek operation has, say the organisers, been to accommodate the wishes of both exhibitors and trade buyer visitors.

Scarcely had Premiere Vision announced the changes to its schedule for 2002 than the organizers of Mod'Aumont announced that they too would be changing to keep in step with PV since so many visitors aimed to take in both shows. Its new dates are February 20 to 23, 2002, and September l8 to 2l.

The exhibition will continue to take place at the Paris Nord exhibition centre where it will occupy Hall 3.

By Sonia Roberts