US clothing giant PVH Corp and Australasian apparel supplier and retailer Gazal Corp are extending the scope of their Australian joint venture with the addition of new brands.

The expansion of the deal will add the Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen and Nancy Ganz businesses in Australia and New Zealand to the joint venture, as well as some of Gazal's other shirting, tailored and shapewear businesses.

PVH Brands Australia Pty Ltd commenced operations in February this year, with a license and distribution deal with Calvin Klein, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PVH, for Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Oceania.

Under the new agreement, the joint venture will enter into a license and distribution agreement with Tommy Hilfiger Europe BV, also a wholly-owned subsidiary of PVH, for Tommy Hilfiger in Australia and New Zealand.

The joint venture will also acquire certain assets of the existing wholesale and retail Tommy Hilfiger business in Australia, including 12 standalone retail stores. The license and distribution agreement has a 12-year term.

In addition, PVH Brands Australia will acquire Gazal's shirting, tailored and men's accessories business, which is conducted under PVH's Van Heusen and Calvin Klein brands, as well as Gazal's owned and licensed Bracks, Pierre Cardin and Paramount brands. The license agreement will be transferred to the joint venture and extended to 31 December 2033.

The joint venture will also acquire Gazal's shapewear business, which consists of the Australian and New Zealand rights to Nancy Ganz, as well as the right to distribute the Spanx brand in Australia and New Zealand under license from Spanx, and Gazal's own HoldmeTight brand. And it will enter into a perpetual license with PVH for Nancy Ganz for all territories outside of Australia and New Zealand.

"The expansion of our joint venture with Gazal allows us to consolidate all our branded businesses in the Australasian market with one strong local partner," said PVH chairman and CEO Manny Chirico.

"We believe that our joint venture is the best way to leverage the opportunities in the market and drive growth of our Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Van Heusen brands in this part of the world."