US apparel giant PVH Corp has launched men's dress shirts incorporating MagnaClick magnetic closures instead of buttons, designed to help consumers with limited dexterity.

Launched under the group's Van Heusen brand, the shirts are designed to self-fasten, eliminating the need for traditional buttons.

Developed in partnership with MagnaReady LLC, the shirt features hidden magnets in its front placket and cuffs which connect together to ensure a secure closure, removing the need to physically fasten buttons. Meanwhile, decorative buttons grace the shirt where functioning buttons would ordinarily appear to maintain an authentic appearance.

"We are extremely proud to launch the Van Heusen dress shirt featuring MagnaClick technology," says David Sirkin, president of dress shirts at PVH Corp. "We believe this is a game-changing product that offers a stylish, high quality solution for consumers with limited dexterity or those seeking an alternative to buttons."

The shirts will be available this autumn in a number of key retailers, including Belk, JC Penney and Kohl's. This marks the first time these major retailers will carry adaptive clothing in stores.

"This is truly a major milestone for retailers to carry adaptive clothing at national chains and help this under-served market," adds Maura Horton, CEO of MagnaReady LLC.