The MagnaReady magnetic closures are hidden from view

The MagnaReady magnetic closures are hidden from view

Apparel giant PVH Corp is to launch men's sport and dress shirts incorporating MagnaReady magnetic closures instead of buttons after inking a licensing deal with the technology's developer.

The patented MagnaReady magnetic closure system was developed by CEO Maura Horton after her husband began to lose mobility in his fingers due to Parkinson's disease. As well as being "a lifesaver for people with mobility issues," it is also "an incredible time saver for the average guy," she says.

PVH, the world's largest shirt and neckwear company and owner of the Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands, will launch the first mainstream men's sport and dress shirt collections to feature the technology.

The shirts will be available in major department stores under a PVH label in 2016, the company says.

The MagnaReady self-closing system works by simply pressing the two sides of the shirtfront together to snap the magnets into place. The closures are hidden between layers of fabric and buttons or other traditional closures, so the garments look no different to any other pair of pants or shirt.