Queue management specialist Qm Group is aiming to bring order to department store queues with a self-installable queue management system.

The company sent mystery shoppers to stores in the sector and concluded that poor signage and inadequate customer handling processes are commonplace, particularly during busy periods.

The system, SQone, is designed for retailers operating concessions or checkout clusters of up to six tills who want a cost-effective queue solution.

SQone features an electronic voice-based call forward system with digital signage. The package needs no technical expertise or specialist knowledge to be installed and takes about three hours to be set up.

Qm Group Joint managing director Alistair Agnew said: "This solution has been developed to deliver a practical and easy to use solution to the problem of customers not knowing where to queue at an island checkout with the resulting congestion causing frustration for those queuing and blocking walkways for other shoppers.

"We realise it is only likely to get used during peak trading periods but a 10% reduction in walkaways and a 10% increase in throughput can result in significant financial benefit to the store."

It believes implementation of SQone allows reduction in walkways and quicker processing of customers.

Qm already provides solutions to UK retailers including Boots, Argos, The Post Office and Matalan.