This week's World Retail Congress in Barcelona has attracted key executives from the apparel and footwear industries, together with other business areas. Here's a snapshot of quotes from day two.

"We are now in an era like the Californian land-grab" - Li & Fung group managing director Dr William Fung on the race among businesses for real estate in China.

"You can't simply take a store from the UK, France or the US and put it down in Russia, China or India. You have to learn the market, the product and the services that people want" - Spar managing director Dr Gordon R Campbell issuing caution on having a strong strategy for emerging markets.

"In mature markets, consumers are generally jaded. It takes a lot to tickle them. Emerging markets, by contrast are adding an avalanche of new, first-time consumers" - Technopak chairman Arving Singhal on the developed market state too.

"Our approach to emerging markets is that there is a wide variety and they are to be analysed carefully - market by market" - Mango deputy general manager Daniel Lopez on the company's international store expansion.

"In the long-term India will be a market for all the players to co-exist" - Bharti Enterprises MD Rajan Bharti Mittal on the opportunities in India, where it is growing its retail arm through a tie-up with Wal-Mart.

"The fickle world of fashion is winning in international expansion. They have gone first and produced genuinely desirable brands around the world" - Interbrand chief executive Jez Frampton speaks volumes.