This week's World Retail Congress in Barcelona has attracted around 800 key executives from the apparel and footwear industries, together with other business areas. Here's a snapshot of quotes from day two of the event.

"Our business is one of change, and always has been. We did not expect it to be so fast or severe - but retail has always been a business of change," Frank Tworecke, president of Warnaco Sportswear Group.

"I've been told that we're not in a recession and we're not in a depression - we're in a decession," Gilbert W Harrison, chairman of Financo Inc.

"It is important to let market forces work but people have to talk and listen better throughout the supply chain - be it suppliers, retailers or landlords," Phil Wrigley, New Look executive chairman.

"One million tonnes of clothing were thrown away to landfill in the UK last year," a team from the London fashion academy.

"We want to foster the online community. You have to work with many different touch points and channels to give people the full brand experience," Matt Harke, VP of toy maker Lego.

"Who needs Apple Mac when you can have a Big Mac," Michael Paynor, managing director at Retail Expertise, introduces a speaker from McDonald's UK who stepped in for electronics giant Apple.

"Franchising has undoubtedly helped the UK market to refresh itself and find new vigour," Richard Forte, senior VP and chief operations officer of McDonald's UK.

"As much as you try to define yourself as a brand you are defined by your competition. As the competition gets more sophisticated, it becomes more challenging," Steven Esom, director of Carphone Warehouse, and a former M&S, Sainsbury's and Waitrose executive.

"When you have success in your homeland market you must remember that although international expansion is sexy and alluring, there rocks below those alluring voices," Simon Rider, MD of New Look Group.

"You must protect what you own with your life," Rider, who is a former president of Speedo International and CEO of Footlocker Europe.

By Joe Ayling, news editor.