Italian yarn maker RadiciGroup has been awarded Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification for its recycled polyester yarns, r-Radyarn and r-Starlight.

GRS is a holistic certification for products with recycled content. It provides brands with a tool for more accurate labelling to encourage innovation in the use of reclaimed materials, to establish more transparency in the supply chain, and to provide better information to consumers.

RadiciGroup GRS certification was awarded by Textile Exchange, a non-profit organisation that operates internationally for the promotion and responsible development of sustainability in the textile industry.

The certificates cover two families of products: raw and yarn-dyed 95% r-PET, and solution-dyed 85% r-PET.

Compliance with GRS requirements allows RadiciGroup to provide a third-party-verified report with every delivery of r-Starlight and r-Radyarn, certifying the content and the origin of the recycled materials used to make the product, as well as its compliance with the environmental and social requirements of the entire supply chain.

In addition, r-Radyarn and r-Starlight post-consumer recycled polyester yarns are on the Textile Exchange list of 'preferred fibres' and are in conformity with the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MSRL) compiled within the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme, an initiative with the objective of eliminating hazardous chemical substances in the textile industry.