Apparel business Ralph Lauren Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Indian textile conglomerate Arvind Limited and the US Polo Association (USPA) relating to a breach of an agreement between the three companies.

According to Arvind, the dispute relates to "non-compliance in respect of disclaimers to be printed on USPA products sold in India."

Arvind Lifestyle Brands, a subsidiary of Arvind Ltd, has the license to manufacture and market USPA branded products in India.

Ralph Lauren first issued a notice for arbitration to be held in India against USPA and Arvind, with Arvind and its subsidiary obtaining a temporary injunction against proceedings. 

However, Ralph Lauren then filed the case in a New York court. 

Based on the legal advice they have received, Arvind and Arvind Lifestyle Brands said they are "confident of their strong position" and believe they will be able to successfully defend the matter as "there is no breach of agreement as alleged by RLC."