Singapore based dyes and chemicals maker Huntsman Textile Effects is to work with textile and garment giant Ramatex in a bid to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals - a target global fashion brands and retailers have set for their supply chains by 2020.

The move, Ramatex says, would make it the world's first textile company dedicated to and capable of helping the brands to deliver their commitments.

Adidas, C&A, H&M, Li Ning, Nike and Puma last month released details of a joint 'roadmap' outlining the steps they intend to take to achieve the zero discharge goal.

"It is clear that the joint roadmap is challenging and ambitious but represents an important first step in reducing the environmental impacts of the textile industry," said Ramatex chairman Mr Ma Wong Ching.

Vertically integrated Ramatex operates three fabric mills and 13 apparel factories over Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and China which cover the entire manufacturing process from spinning, knitting, dyeing and printing to garment export.

The company has always aimed to be socially responsible, ensuring its manufacturing processes embrace environmental protection, and being more sustainable in production by minimising energy usage, adopting waste and water recycling and only using organic materials and compliant chemicals and dyes.