The committee set up to pay compensation to the victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse aims to distribute US$2m to around 3,600 workers and families before the one-year anniversary of the tragedy on 24 April.

The sum includes an advance payment of BDT50,000 (US$650) to each beneficiary - but total funds of US$40m are still needed to ensure full compensation to all workers.

As reported on just-style last week, the claims process will begin on 24 March. The initial payment of US$650 will be made between 10 and 24 April. This process will include assistance to all claimants in setting up bank accounts.

A meeting of the Coordination Committee of the Rana Plaza Trust Fund yesterday (18 March) approved the inclusion of UK value fashion retailer Primark as the eighth brand to publically pay into the fund.

Primark will cover the cost of full reimbursement of the 581 workers at the New Wave Bottoms factory, one of five factories at Rana Plaza. All payments and support will be conducted under the auspices of the ILO-chaired Trust Fund.

On Monday, the retailer pledged a further US$10m to victims of the disaster - including long-term payments totalling $9m and an additional $1m to non-Primark supply chain workers. Payments, which are due to begin this week, will be made in full within 12 months.

All stakeholders are to be involved in finalising a comprehensive database of all 3,600 survivors and families of those killed.

As well as Primark, the seven other brands that have publicly pledged initial donations are Bon Marche, El Corte Ingles and Loblaw, Inditex, Mango, Mascot, Loblaw and Premier Clothing.

However, many brands are still under pressure to contribute, and further contributions will be expected from the eight brands that have already paid.

The families of dead workers and injured workers have already received nine months' salaries since the tragedy, including US$2m that was paid out by Primark and Loblaw of Canada last year.

Other companies claimed to have links to Rana Plaza are said to include Adler, Auchan, Benetton, Camaieu, Carrefour, Carrona, Cato Fashions, Children's Place, JC Penney, Kids for Fashion, Lee Cooper, Manifattura Corona, Mango, Matalan, NKD, Premier Clothing, Primark, PVT (Texman), Store 21, Yes Zee, and Walmart.