Music mogul Sean "P Diddy" Combs on Tuesday said he was shocked at claims his clothing line is made in a Honduran factory where workers are subjected to sweatshop conditions.

The star told a press conference an immediate probe would be launched into allegations workers who make the Sean John apparel line are fined when they become pregnant and have to drink contaminated water.

The claims were made by 19-year-old Lydda Eli Gonzalez who use to work at the factory and has enlisted the help of the National Labour Committee to highlight the workers' plight.

"We are launching an investigation into this matter, and if there is any proof of wrongdoing, we will terminate our relationship with this factory immediately," said Combs.

He added a compliance officer had visited the Southeast Textiles factory in Choloma five times in the past year and added a sub-contractor checks the plant twice a month.