A Honduran factory producing clothing for hip-hop music mogul Sean "P Diddy" Combs has been cleared of labour abuse allegations after an inspection by the country's labour minister yielded no proof of worker mistreatment.

The Southeast Textiles facility in Choloma, which produces garments for the rapper's Sean John clothing line, recently received a six-hour visit from Labour Minister German Leitzelar and a group of inspectors.

According to Leitzelar, the inspection team uncovered no proof of the sweatshop conditions alleged by US-based workers' rights group National Labour Committee.

A recent report by the committee claimed workers at the factory were subjected to body searches, 11- to 12-hour daily shifts, mandatory pregnancy tests and 24 cents-per-$50 shirt pay conditions.

"I think things have been overblown," Leitzelar said.

"If there are any irregularities, they are not like what was contained in the accusations."

Southeast Textile, which produces "Sean John"- and "SJ"-emblazoned long-sleeved T-shirts for P Diddy's New York-based apparel company, employs a staff of 380.