Reebok Inc has unveiled a new hi-tech running shoe - the Pump 2.0 - that automatically inflates to custom fit the wearer's foot.

Due to be launched in spring 2005, the Pump 2.0 comes 15 years after Reebok introduced its original Pump performance shoe, which went on to sell 20 million pairs.

But unlike its Pump predecessor, the new shoe provides runners with a customised fit for all foot shapes by surrounding the athlete's foot with a form-fitting air chamber.

Created by NASA and MIT-trained engineers, the Pump 2.0 features a large volume Pump actuator is located inside the heel of the shoe. When the athlete takes approximately five steps the Pump actuator is compressed and causes the shoe to automatically inflate.

The shoe pumps up until the air chamber is inflated enough to form a custom fit around the runner's foot. This inflation causes the shoe to form to the exact fit of the runner's foot, with no lacing required.

A "smart valve," located on the upper heel of the shoe, is designed to never allow inflation beyond 5 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure.

To take off the Pump 2.0, the athlete simply presses the "smart valve" which releases the air to loosen the shoe.

The Pump 2.0 will be available for both men and women for a suggested retail price of $100.

In addition to the Pump 2.0 running shoe, Reebok is also introducing the ATR Pump performance basketball shoe, which is inflated manually by pumping a ball located on the outer ankle area of the shoe.