The new suspensions bring the total number of current suspensions to 117

The new suspensions bring the total number of current suspensions to 117

December proved a busy month for the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, as the group says a further four apparel factories used by its member companies completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), while operations have been suspended in 15 others.

Factories achieving substantial completion of their CAPs in December include Arrow Jeans (Pvt) Ltd, LCB International (BD) Limited, Smart Jeans Ltd, and That's It Sweater Ltd. Smart Jeans Ltd is the first Alliance-affiliated factory to complete required remediation after being suspended and subsequently reactivated. The news brings the total number of completions to 50.

"We commend these factories for upholding their obligation to provide safer workplaces for their employees, as required by the Alliance," says Alliance country director Jim Moriarty. "They have shown that achieving the highest standard of workplace safety is within reach for all factories, and we are pleased to work in partnership with those committed to the task."

Meanwhile, the Alliance also suspended 15 additional factories during December for failure to provide sufficient evidence of remediation progress, bringing the total number of current suspensions to 117. 

The complete list of suspended factories, as well as those that have achieved substantial completion of their CAPs, can be found here.

Last month a number of labour rights group questioned the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety over the progress it claims it has made in remediating the country's garment industry in response to accusations its efforts have been overstated and it is concealing its lack of action. 

Labour groups question Alliance progress claims