The ninth edition of the Restricted Substances List (RSL) from the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has been updated to reflect changes spurred by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) as well as new state and international regulations.

The list, which encompasses apparel, footwear, and home textiles, was first released in 2007 and covers chemicals and other substances whose presence in a product is restricted through a government regulation or law. 

The list identifies the most restrictive iteration of that regulation worldwide - and is reviewed and updated every six months. It is also available in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

"Consumers are more aware than ever when it comes to purchasing safe and eco-friendly products," says AAFA president and CEO Kevin Burke.

The list, he adds, "helps the industry navigate often complex product safety and chemical management requirements in order to address consumer preferences in the market place."

The industry group is continuing its efforts to update the apparel and footwear supply chain by taking its international restricted substances list educational programme to Bangladesh and India later this year. 

The International Product Safety and Restricted Substances Conferences take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 30 November, and in Bangalore, India on 6 December. Among the industry experts on the agenda, US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Nancy Nord will provide the conference keynote address in both cities.