Outdoor apparel manufacturer PrAna is providing 250 of its retailers with renewable wind energy certificates equivalent to the electricity their stores consume.

PrAna intends to eventually bring all 1,000 of its US retail customers on board as part of its commitment to sustainable practices, according to Beaver Theodosakis, prAna's owner and founder.

PrAna launched the initiative at the August Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Each of the initial 250 participating stores is being given signage noting that 100 per cent of that store's electricity will be offset by a natural, clean renewable source.

A study by American Demographics found that 70 per cent of Americans are more likely to buy a product if the company that makes it is known to implement environmentally friendly practices.

Additionally, wind power is 'inflation-proof'; once a wind plant is built, the cost of its energy is known, and is not affected by fuel market price volatility.