Retrospettiva, Inc (Nasdaq:RTRO), a supplier of moderately priced women's apparel, today announced, Inc, a provider of Flash and other Macromedia web technologies, has updated and redesigned the company's home site, , and is in the final stages of designing the company's B2B website. Borivoje Vukadinovic, CEO for Retrospettiva, said: "We are excited to host the FlashInside technology on both our home page and soon to launch B2B website. FlashInside has demonstrated that they can create sites that are both unique and captivating to Internet users. The new sites are part of our strategy to increase our Internet presence which will allow us to generate new direct sales from business and consumer Internet users who wish to purchase our quality goods at wholesale prices from the comfort of their home or office." The company expects the B2B website to be available by the end of August and Internet users are invited to preview it via the Retrospettiva home page,