An RFID solution that allows brand owners to check sales trends across a range of different stores, without having to make site visits, has been released by the Nilörn Group.
Developed in collaboration with Craft of Scandinavia, the 'self inventory' shop rack can make re-stocking more efficient, and increase sales and profitability.
"The brand owner asks the shop rack to take an inventory of the products currently on the rack," explains Per Wagnås of the Nilörn Group.

"The shop rack then sends an e-mail with the current status to the brand owner. The brand owner can then distribute new products to the store, so that it will always have the full range."
The solution is recommended for items such as underwear, shirts and piqué sweaters, which constantly need replenishment in the store, and which have their own location on a shop shelf or rail.

Since the goods are always on display in the store, no shopping opportunities are lost.
The results are higher sales turnover and increased profitability.