Rivers West Apparel will launch its apparel designer series website on November 1. The company claims that it will be the first true custom design apparel website, which will allow customers to design and order their own waterproof vests, but also watch as vests are individually made in one of the company's US factories. Company owner and president, Michael McGinley, said: "Our site provides a completely interactive transaction between Rivers West and customers, all from the comfort and privacy of their home or office. This is what the Internet promised from its infancy and we're here to deliver." By logging on to the site, customers can create their own vest from a variety of patterns, colors, pockets, zippers and collars. They choose their size, add personalized embroidery and send in the order. In all, there are over 5000 different vest combinations that can be created through the Apparel Designer. The company's jackets, pants and other products are also expected to be available for custom design and purchase online soon. "In today's information-driven market, we receive Internet orders almost instantaneously," McGinley added. "This allows us to begin manufacturing a customer's order immediately, so finished items are shipped within two weeks." Rivers West also installed a webcam in its Utah facility where the vests will be made. Now, customers can watch a real production facility in operation, which is another first among online retailers.