Apparel company R M Williams Holdings Limited said on Monday it will start manufacturing a limited range of items offshore from the end of this month.

The company said in a statement all traditional R M Williams items such as boots, leather accessories, moleskins, jeans, core shirting and craft will continue to be made in Australia.

But selected items such as polo's, T-shirts, caps and limited shirting will now be produced in Asia, specifically China, although all design and development will continue to occur in Australia.

The firm said the decision will allow it “to further secure its own factory operations; its future as an Australian manufacturer and thereby the employment of its highly valued staff through continued business expansion and profitability”.

CEO Hamish Turner added: "This decision is about maintaining quality, price and consistency of supply in Australia and out expanding overseas markets.

"Our core business of boots and leather goods, jacket; core shirting, moleskin and jeans apparel will continue to be Australian made and designed."