Outdoor footwear operator Rocky Brands has settled a lawsuit against former employee Glen Bratcher, Westwood Footwear and Accessories, and Chinese manufacturer Nantong Hong Yi Wang Shoes who were allegedly planning to copy some of its most popular shoes.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio on 5 February and the terms of the settlement are being kept confidential.

Mike Brooks, Rocky's chief executive officer, said in a statement: "We at Rocky have worked very hard over many years to establish lines of boots well known for their appealing designs, outstanding quality, and distinctive appearance.

"Rocky highly values its intellectual property rights and continues to enforce those rights whenever threatened by third parties.

"The trade dress of the Georgia Giant collection of work boots, Rocky's collection of Rocky Ride western and work boots, and its product in the Durango line of boots remains strong.

"This lawsuit was a matter of highest importance for Rocky, its employees, and our customers and Rocky is extremely pleased with the resolution of the case."