A subsidiary of US footwear specialist Heelys has won a lawsuit against a company selling fake versions of its distinctive wheeled shoes in Dallas shopping malls.

The federal court in North Texas found in favour of Heelys after it complained about the company, operating under the name Ohayan, and its activities in a number of mall-based kiosks.

Ohayan was ordered to stop all sales of the wheeled footwear, which it was selling under a range of brand names in "numerous" North Texas malls, said Heelys.

"We are pleased that the federal court agreed with our position and shut Ohayan down," said Heelys CEO Mike Staffaroni. "We now need the mall operators to do the right thing and stop leasing kiosks to infringers." Staffaroni said he hoped the case would prompt operators to keep a closer eye on their kiosks. Mall operators had been warned "numerous times" that fake products were being sold, he added.