Commerce One, the e-commerce solutions provider, today announced that The Royal Group has formed an alliance and contracted with Commerce One to build a global business-to-business e-marketplace for the textile industry. The new e-marketplace, Textile Global Trade (TGT), is aimed at providing a unified e-commerce platform for the worldwide textile industry, enhancing existing business relations and opening up new trading opportunities to all types of organisations in the textile and derivative industries. The Textile Global Trade e-marketplace plans to help companies manage the complex business processes and multi-company interconnections inherent in textile industry supply chains, increasing overall throughput while bringing increased efficiencies on a global scale. "E-commerce in the textile sector is not comparable with e-marketplaces in other industries," said Silvana Nappo, strategic director, The Royal Group. "Brokers, intermediaries, wholesalers and trade representatives all have to exchange information. In a market where trading is conducted as fast as on the stock-market, complex transactions in this business have to be extremely versatile, simple and yet very reliable.""The Royal Group wanted a single, industry-leading e-marketplace solution to leverage the power of the Internet in managing the complete end-to-end supply chain," said Paul Taylor, vice president and general manager, Commerce One EMEA. "Commerce One plans to work with the Royal Group to deliver that capability, tailored to the unique requirements of the textile marketplace, in TGT. We are pleased to be working with industry leaders such as The Royal Group to move the world's textile businesses onto the Internet and help them leverage the power of the Global Trading Web."